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Sri Lanka

Pearl of the Indian Ocean

Dream. Explore. Discover.


10 Days Cycle through Paradise (4/5*)
From €3,980 p/p 

Cycle through the mystical paths of a beautiful isle gliding through its many natural and man made wonders. You will cycle through to engage in the simplicity of village life, Pride of historical highlights, moments in the wilderness and exploring the richness of the cultural heritage. Sleep in at the most exclusive sideways handpicked to suit your escape as you face this majestic land. 


9 Days Luxury in the Wilderness (5*)
From €4,113 p/p 

Witness the big five of Sri Lanka in one holiday to the pearl isle. Move from lodge to lodge as you explore the great outdoors 

and its wild friends. Glamp in style as you journey through the mystical paths of Sri Lanka as you are introduced to the explosion of taste and beauty of nature. Make the most of the ample space you are gifted with as slow travel is one you are bond to explore through this holiday plan – call of the wild.



7 Days Luxury on the Sails (5*)
From €3,975 p/p

Journey through the treasured heritage of Sri Lanka through this holiday plan. Be introduced to the signature personalities who bring out the colour and glamour of what makes our island nation truly a gem. As you embark on an adventure to explore the history of Sri Lanka on land, you will also hop onboard a luxury sailing cruise to explore the rich marine life of Sri Lanka.


13 Days Sri Lanka Highlights (4*)
From €3,625 p/p

Featuring the ultimate highlights of Sri Lanka moving from lodge to lodge with much closer connection to nature while you sink in to the pleasures of the 

rich cultural heritage it has to offer. From bustling city life to cultural connections, Misty hills, culinary explosions, wild adventures and colonial charm, this holiday plan comes packed with great diversity. What better way to learn of a destination than to be a part of it? 


“The world is yours to explore.”


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